Jupiter institute Patna

Jupiter institute Patna

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Welcome to the world of SMRITI JUPITER. After completing my education from BHU, I felt that I should give back to students of my native state BIHAR what I have learned in my past 24 years of teaching experience, by supporting them to prepare for most prestigious and challenging examination NEET/JEE (NIT/IIT) and that is how I started my career as a Physics Teacher in Patna.

During my teaching career I felt that so many students coming from various backgrounds are in search of good institutions but they are totally lost and heading towards nowhere and there is no mentor to guide them. But there is no need to get disheartened as Students of SMRITI JUPITER will learn “life skills” along with NEET/JEE (NIT/IIT) preparations that will prepare a foundation for building their own career in the future. I want to welcome you in our family and wish each of you a true learning experience.

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  •  Admission is going on for batches starting on 7 feb 2021

Director Message

I am JUPITER speaking. You are to jump into the race for your goal – a seat in IIT or P.M.T. For that only to be a book-worm is not enough. You have to be thoughtful, innovative, analysing and profound practicising person. It is a pity that young brilliant students fall prey to much advertised admission test/practice test and then rejection slips are stamped on their back causing irreparable damage. Even the highly educated parents are tempted to advertisements of dressed – up results and admission test in the well-orchestrated educational scam. In my opinion, selection of a proper coach plays an important role in your success. I am the solitary institute in Patna to fulfil all your requirements. It is not an exaggeration.

Instructor of Physics

Founder & MD

J . Roy


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I learned many things here and probably feel like professor here are very nice.They always provide us with different opportunities

It is an awesome place with a great culture. So much opportunity for growth and to be able to contribute to something awesome much greater than what you could do alone. The sky is the limit here and you can go as far as you believe you can.

Having the opportunity to work more closely with prospects and students who come to the school and to hear their stories and successes, it's incredibly rewarding how life-changing the school, the courses and the community can be for so many people.

Endless Learning Opportunities - if you show initiative Any idea you think can add value to the business, you can implement test and measure The Culture and Environment is one of support, growth and results Is vision, mission and values based organisation The diversity in the workplace No Hierarchy in ideas and strategies