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Journey of Jupiter


The Journey of Education by
Smriti Jupiter

We must first realize that the process of education is a journey, and that the school or any educational institution is a place to meet along the way, where we meet people who differ from us in age, culture and abilities. Our duty as educators and teachers is to make this journey a joyful and happy one and to build a more united world and a future of peace by helping the young people to develop socially and cognitively. Teaching is the key to inclusive and human education that is concerned with the attainment of mind and heart. It is the sharing of hope where we learn to see, listen and realize the beauty of life.


Who We Are

When The Coaching Journey started, it began as a small Instutution as a way for founder J.Roy to share his thoughts on the game. What grew from that became a company passionate about helping organizations and people achieve their true potential, whether in the sporting world or beyond.

What We Do?

Help your coaching staff continue to develop both on and of the field, providing the best environment possible for your players. Have your coaches be the standard-bearers of what your club stands for!

Parent Education

Help unlock your organization's biggest ally. Become the club where parent buy-in helps bring your players and team to the next level!